Hannah Santana


Performance is the experience of art, of presence, of compassion, of directness, of honesty, of vulnerability, of confrontation, of vitality, of body, of closeness, of passion, of reaction, of society, of individuality, of experience, of power and of failure.

You have to be present, to open up, to show yourself, to allow yourself to be . 

Performance takes place in the present and, with passion and extraordinary directness, enforces the honesty of existence and thus allows confrontation and questioning.

It is unfettered from an explicit interpretation and therefore a medium of constructing reality and possibility.

Como somos?

Duration: 20 minutes (+60 minutes of still)

PerformanceArtStudies, SomoS, Berlin,
photo by Monika Deimling

I'm lying in the middle of the room on my back, hands and arms stretched above my head, my legs open wide. Every muscle is tense, except the eyes. Clothes tone-in-tone with the floor. In my hands I hold white strings tied and attached to paving stones (collected in Berlin streets), which are lying spread above my head. People come near me, to touch the stones and read what is written on them. With my eyes closed, I can only feel the strings pulling. The hands hold tight, hurt. A loud scream, a twitch, my eyes open. People wake up. A jerk, a second jolt, I sit up and do not let go of the strings. Around me, a semicircle of people standing and sitting. Slowly my body gets up and pulls up the stones by the strings together to the air. I hold the weight up, looking people in the eye. The sentence sounds out loud Eu tenho medo. Ich habe Angst. I am afraid. The stones sound back on the floor. On every stone there is written a fear. I pull a stone, chose a person, turn to her, call out my fear and ask: Do you feel the same?. With each answer, I arrange the stone on a principal and empty wall. Yes and no. What matters is not the answer itself, but the eyes of the respondent. I create a statistic. How scared are we here and now? After further questions I hold up the rest of the stones and ask loudly and aggressively: Why did you push it? and I leave the room with the unknown and unsaid fears. What stays behind, are the chosen stones and confessed fears, on one side the no, on the other the yes and with that the silence. 



Hannah Santana & Theresa Sowka

from me to you

Performance with Theresa Sowka,
PerformanceArtStudies, SomoS, Berlin, 
photo by Monika Deimling



50 min. performance,
PerformanceArtStudies, SomoS, Berlin, 
photo by Monika Deimling



inspired by Laurence Beaudoin Morin, Maja Maksimovic & Jamie Shi.
PerformanceArtStudies, SomoS, Berlin, 
photo by Monika Deimling


Hannah Santana & Jamie Shi


Performance with Jamie Shi,
PerformanceArtStudies, SomoS, Berlin, 
photo by Monika Deimling


Hannah Santana


PerformanceArtStudies, SomoS, Berlin, 
photo by Monika Deimling


Hochschule fuer Kuenste im Sozialen Ottersberg


Arbeitstagung Forschen mit Kunst – Perspektiven methodischer Designs,
Hochschule für Künste im Sozialen, Ottersberg


Kulturakademie Weimar 2017


Kulturakademie in Weimar
Workshop Texte tanzen, Tänze texten
by Valentin Schmehl und Nora Turnschuh


Outing, Hannah Santana


Marta Herford Museum
Exhibition Die innere Haut


Zeichen, Hannah Santana


Hochschule für Künste im Sozialen, Ottersberg


Grenzerfahrung, Hannah Santana


 Skulpturenpark der Gerisch-Stiftung in Neumünster 


Von der Erinnerung bis zum Vergessen, Hannah Santana

Von der Erinnerung bis zum Vergessen

series of performances
 Hochschule für Künste im Sozialen, Ottersberg

2015- 2016

love for contrast

love for contrast

Hochschule für Künste im Sozialen, Ottersberg

2015- 2016

Berührung lässt aufatmen

JVA Magdeburg
Kunstfestival Sinnlichkeit


Performative art education in and with exhibitions

As an artist and performer, my body is learning to act awake and attentive. The body places itself in relation to space, exhibition and work. The artist in me is awake, sensitive and attentive to every possible impulse. The performer wants to incarnate, to be part and to answer. 

The exhibition becomes a studio, the moment a performance and the body a medium in between. A threshold-like experience, which makes it possible to internalize content, form, work, exhibition and space and to create contact.

The encounter with art becomes an act, an interaction moving towards a threshold that turns space as such into art.

To do this, we have to learn to occupy it, to appropriate shape it and step in between. We can expand, continue and supplement exhibitions, with lively encounters and visible resonance.

Resonanzperformances I 

 series of performances
Andrew Gilbert

St. Petri Kirche & Overbeck Gesellschaft, Verein von Kunstfreunden e.V.
Exhibition Ulundi is Jerusalem, Andrew is Empereor, Brocoli is Holy 

Anderswo-Projekt, HKS Ottersberg


Resonanzperformance II 

Günther Uecker, Wind, 2008

Lübecker Museen, Kunsthalle St. Annen in der Ausstellung Lübeck Sammelt 1. Von Max Beckmann bis Moroslav Tichý

04. - 05.2017


Resonanzperformance III 

Übergabe by Alicja Kwade

Weserburg - Ausstellung Künstlerräume


Hannah Santana


If you have an exhibition and would like to have my resonance and performative reaction to your work, feel free to contact me.